Trusting Strangers in the ‘Sharing Economy’

“Can I get a lift?” she asked.

On Immigrants And Being Cheap

“Cheapness” typically conjures images of people who buy cheap goods at Wal-Mart, instead of the more expensive, higher quality goods that last longer. However, “immigrant cheapness” is more nuanced than that, existing over a continuum that goes from practical stories of sacrificing to get ahead, to just plain silly.

Hip Hop Song Titles Reflecting The Current Economic Environment

• The Notorious B.I.G., “Less Money, Mo’ Problems”

The Economics of Ransoms

If you are the hostage, keep your mouth shut until you’re saved.

North Carolina’s Gay Marriage Ban is Bad for Business

Yesterday, North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue said that a gay marriage ban in her state would be “bad for business” and hurts the state’s “brand.”