A Millennial Dad Weighs In on the Current State of Parental Leave

“We’re more than ‘child care’ — we’re parents.”

The Material Support Of “Deadbeat” Dads

“Deadbeat dads” spend as much on their children as parents in formal child-support arrangement, but prefer to support by providing provisions like food and clothes rather than via cash.

Dreams Of My Father’s Advice

If you’re unsure whether to put coins in the meter, put coins in the meter.

M4F: Married Mormon Dad Seeks Companionship, Pays Price

My Dad And I Are, Have Always Been, Different People

I was thinking today about life, well, my life. And then I was thinking about your life, and how you’re so good at being an adult, and a provider, and how when you were my age, which is 27 but almost 28, you were already married with a child and owned a house and had a career.