The Cost of Dating Someone Whose Financial Values Match Yours

My last relationship was draining, financially and otherwise; this time around, I’m determined to keep costs reasonable. If things don’t work between him and me, neither of us won’t be cleaned out financially.

What One Woman Spends on Beauty for a First Date

You are very welcome to spend $45 on a swingy blowout, but I own my own hair dryer.

The Cost of Poly Dating

How do people in poly relationships handle the cost of poly dating? I chatted with Vicki, in NYC, and Diana, in Boston, to learn more about how each of them manage their finances within the context of their relationships.

Business School Professor Looks at the Economics of Online Dating

Stanford Business School Professor Paul Oyer has a book out today called Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Economics I Learned from Online Dating, in which he talks about “the dating market.”

Dates for Hedge Fund Lovers

If you like hedge funds, you’ll like this new dating site. I think we’re going to pass on this one!

When in Doubt, Go Dutch

Is going dutch the way? Do you offer to go dutch, but secretly hope your date pays? Dating, it is complicated.

Date Goes Terribly After the Check Arrives

You probably shouldn’t assume that your date will pay for everything. You certainly shouldn’t steal your date’s phone because you ended up having to pay for the date. Sometimes (a lot of times) a date doesn’t work out the way you expect it to, and you just have to cut your losses.

Would You Date a Man with a 24K Gold Shirt?

Here is a story about an Indian man who spent $22,500 on a solid gold shirt to get the attention of women.

I’m Not Saying I’m a Gold Digger, But You’ve Got to Be Able to Buy Your Own Beer

Dating is hard.

How to Date Without a House

Dating tips from a “fancy hobo.”