Saying No Is Half the Battle

I would have no money at the end of the month to pay my bills if I said yes to everything I’m invited to do. Saying no half of the time and deciding what is or isn’t worth doing helps keep my spending in check. Here, I provide three examples.

Tess Vigeland on High-profile Unpaid Opportunities

Our pal Tess Vigeland has a post up at Next Avenue discussing when she says yes to high-profile opportunities that require some work and preparation but doesn’t pay. The responses on her Facebook feed tended to be along the lines of: “You are building your brand!” and “This will lead to other opportunities!”

The Blindest of Career Risks

“The risk of destroying a career is nothing compared with the evolutionary drive to reproduce.”

You Shouldn’t Always Trust a Stranger’s Review

Whenever I’m thinking about buying a thing on Amazon, I read a bunch of user reviews. I do the same for restaurants I’m thinking about eating in. Can you trust user reviews?