Why Can’t I Get a Job // Why I Can’t Get a Job

I was truly failing for the first time.

When Your Brain Chemistry Screws Up All Your Relationships (Even at Work)

The third in a series about money and depression (but mostly depression).

Depression is Still a Thing in Springtime

Heather Armstrong has written extensively about her own depression on her blog Dooce, and on a recent post asked her readers to share their stories about mental illness. There are 219 comments. All of them are thoughtful. Not the most uplifting read of your life, but a good thing to read if you’re hating yourself and wondering why. There’s a reason, it’s chemical, a lot of us have it, there are ways to feel better. (Sometimes a new dress, more effectively, a therapist.) More here, from us.

Anthony Must Have Wondered the Same Thing

Blogging From State-Funded Rehab

It Feels So Good to Make Something

Money and Depression: Telling Your Boss, Or Not

The second in a series about depression and money.

Depression and Money, Some Real Talk

Martha Kaplan and I are both depressed. This is the first in a series of conversations about depression and money.

How to Lose Four Months to a Depression/Spending Death Spiral

I desperately wanted to feel better, even if it was just for an hour at a time. I bought concert tickets. I bought movie tickets. I spontaneously went to New York for a weekend to see a play. I went out to dinner at nice sit-down places, and bars with my friends.