Tyler Cowen on the “But We Just Had Indian Food” Argument

Tyler Cowen, an economics blogger I enjoy reading and the author of An Economist Gets Lunch, has a post this morning about how he doesn’t understand the following argument when people are trying to decide where to eat: “But we just had Indian food yesterday!”

Improving the Restaurant Review

Ryan Sutton, the New York food critic for Bloomberg News, has a critique of the restaurant review on his blog, saying that we should be skeptical of what’s written in glossy food magazines—which tends to focus on trendy restaurants run by well-known chefs and doesn’t always include the full viewpoint of what food writers actually believe.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Chain Restaurants

Who cares? I had a tasty meal at a reasonable price in a pleasant environment. It was precisely what I wanted.

Chipotle Has Nothing to Worry About

Yesterday, David Einhorn, AKA the man with the superpower of saying things to make stock prices fall, talked about Chipotle’s challenge of competing with a “resurgent” Taco Bell, which recently launched a new menu that’ll compete with Chipotle’s “gourmet” burritos.

Happy Hour Makes Us Happy

But, my favorite kind of happy hour is the kind that involves something more than booze, like $1 oysters, or other discounts on food. Not everyone likes to drink, so it’s a great way to get a group of friends together without having to pressure anyone to get a pint of something.

The Restaurants That Remember You

Restaurants that take extra care to get to know their diners are the ones that will build loyalty. The food has to be good, of course, but I’ll go back to a place and recommend it to all my friends if I’m treated well and have a positive experience. (Though it’s also interesting to know how inconsiderate diners are also treated on a return visit.)

How To Get Away With Being Bad At Your Job (Service Edition)

You can be a bad waiter without being a BAD WAITER.

All About Burgers

The one where Mike is obsessed with burgers.

Are You Pro-Brunch?

The weekend is nearly here, and I have received multiple brunch invitations.

Here Are the Best Restaurants

The people at Restaurant magazine have updated their list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, and I have been to exactly none of them.