The Agonies, the Ecstasies and the Efficiencies of Menu Planning

Once you’ve decided to cook more of your meals at home, or at least determined to start thinking about it, you realize that the project is far from a no-brainer. It’s tempting to discount the role that mental energy, creativity and familiarity with the kitchen play in cooking, framing it instead as a simple question of time. However, an hour or two per week, scheduled at your convenience, can make a world of difference when you ask that age-old question that never stays answered very long: What’s for dinner?

Unlimited BBQ and Beer: The Best or Worst $20 I Ever Did or Did Not Spend

Before Matt can answer our waitress arrives again, offering another pitcher as if Matt and I are two of the most normal people she’s ever seen. I look at her through narrowed eyes, cautious and skeptical. Matt has answered “Yes!” I glare back at him. Could he be trusted anymore? Could anyone?

How I Saved For Dinner at Eleven Madison Park (Hint: Ramen)