A New Life, Beginning With A New Bookcase, Built From Scratch

I wanted to show off a downtown studio apartment worthy of its own Instagram, one that would reflect positively on my newfound existence as a young professional who is put-together and not a screw-up.

DIYing a Second Language

A little more than five years ago, my half-Italian husband and I decided that in five years we’d move to Italy. Our reasoning was approximately: Because it’s there. Never mind that I spoke no Italian whatsoever unless it related to restaurants, musical terminology, or the libretto of an opera. I had five years. How hard could it be?

Are Homemade Children’s Halloween Costumes Worth It?

One of the principal problems with children is that if you do something nice for them a couple times, they get used to it and expect it EVERY TIME. My kids expect homemade Halloween costumes. They take pride in their homemade Halloween costumes.

Do-It-Yourself Or Have Someone Do-It-For-You?

Mostly, when it comes to DIY projects, I either like to pay for what I need, ready to be used, or I just do without.

Small, Almost Microscopically Small, DIY Victories

Some DIY projects are immense and impressive. Others merely help get you through the day without calling a locksmith.

Where To Buy Ilana’s Bras And/Or How To Live In A Cave

Make sure you agree on terms before taking a job for someone, or you might get paid in half of a dead horse.

How to Fix Your Bathtub That Won’t Drain Using These 30 Easy Steps

Logan’s bathtub wouldn’t drain. So she turned to Google.

What To Do When The Floor Caves In

Rebecca and Nate replace some floorboards.

The Latest in Pumpkin Security