The Costs of Eating Out

Daniel Frank, a Canadian law student, wrote an homage to economist Tyler Cowen describing how to be a “frugal foodie”

Paying Extra For a Sweet Dinner Reservation

Last week we talked about the waning number of restaurants that offer reservations, and how alone I am in my hope for their demise (it’s fine! I accept I am in the wrong here). I guess supply and demand is catching up with us now — or with YOU, the ones who plan ahead — because, as Alan Sytsma at Grub Street reports, paying a premium to score a dinner reservation is now a thing, “whether we like it or not.” (We don’t.) (Or do we?)

Pizza Wars! When Will It End?

The New York Times sure likes reporting about the price for a slice of pizza! The Gray Lady dedicated 1,200 words to $1 pizza slices in 2010, and now they’re reporting about a pizza war happening in midtown Manhattan where owners are slashing prices on their pies ($6 for an entire pizza!) in an attempt to put their next door rivals out of business.