How Far Do You Go To Secure Your Kid The “Best” Education?

In a painfully segregated school system like NYC’s, questions like “Which schools have families like yours?” feel as dog-whistle-y as anything coming out of the Republican primary.

Raising Business-Smart Children

How will following this list of rules make our children “business-smart”?

New Orleans Shutters Its Last Public Schools, Goes All Charter

Sorry, No TFA Recommendation for You

Catherine Michna, a fellow at Tulane University who teaches American Studies and African American literature classes, wrote a post on her blog to let all her students know that she won’t be writing letters of recommendation for them for Teach for America, but will happily find time to sit down with them and go discuss why. Which, regardless of whether or not you support the program, is a good thing! We should all take the time to talk through the things we want to do and figure out why something is worthwhile.

Another TFA Alum Has Not-So-Great Things to Say About the Program

School is back in session and a new crop of Teach for America recruits are in classrooms across the country, and some of them will be grossly unprepared for the upcoming school year. In The Atlantic, a TFA alum talks about some of the challenges she faced, and concludes, as we have heard time and again, that the program is highly problematic.