My Lifelong Fascination With American Express

I decided that as soon as I was a grown up, I would get an American Express card.

Ads Everywhere, Including a Bathroom Stall

Ads, they’re everywhere on every blank surface imaginable, including toilet paper at a restaurant, which offers a two-for-one dessert coupon if you pull enough of it. Now, that’s something: Would you use a two-for-one dessert coupon you found in a bathroom stall? The answer has been yes for a lot of people, especially if they have a QR code reader on their phone.

Does Packaging Affect Taste?

In Australia, cigarettes are heavily taxed and a law was passed six months ago requiring graphic images and warnings to be placed on packaging. According to the Times, almost immediately after the graphic images were put on tobacco products, smokers complained that the cigarettes tasted off. A few theories emerged: 1) That the graphic images created a psychological effect that made cigarettes taste bad so people wouldn’t buy them anymore, which is what anti-smoking advocates are hoping, and 2) To make up for declining sales due to high taxes and the new rules governing tobacco, cigarette companies are sourcing their tobacco someplace where they can get it for cheaper.

What Would You Promote for $5?

Would I post something on Facebook anyway for $5? I would not, but others clearly are willing to do so.

Ad Campaign Awful, But Effective

Imagine Don Draper pitching this ad campaign.