What’s a Losing Candidate to Do?

Also, Mr. Romney, if you’re reading this, you are welcome to write for The Billfold. Maybe an “Ask a Rich Person” column, or whatever you want! We’re open to suggestions and viewpoints here.

How Are You Watching the Results Tonight?

Mike: Logan, how are you watching the election results tonight?

At That Other Job You Had Four Years Ago

Billfold pal Ester Bloom has an essay today over at The Morning News about where she was during previous elections, including working at a startup in 2008 (with me!) where we worked for a young, charismatic 20-something CEO who, well, did not live up to our expectations.

‘The Myth of Self-Reliance’

The New Republic has a profile of Gov. Mitt Romney’s eldest son Tagg, who shares his father’s values of being self-made (these values is why Gov. Romney appears to have such disdain for “the 47 percent”).

So, How About That Debate?

So: That debate last night, huh? The New York Times has the entire video of the debate broken down with fact checks here, which is pretty nice.

Debate Question We Won’t Ever Ask

I am probably contributing to the problem by giving them any attention, but Pizza Hut is giving someone free pizza for life for asking either of the Presidential nominees this “sausage or pepperoni?” question at the debate.

Don’t Forget You Were Mad at People Like Romney

Remember when everyone was angry at Wall Street four years ago for creating a toxic culture of greed that put us on a direct path to a financial crisis? Rolling Stone would like to remind us that Mitt Romney was a part of that toxic culture.

Published Papers Reveal Some Things About Some Dude, Possibly

Rich People Are Like, If We’re Buying The Election, At Least Give Us a Photo-Op

Donors would just like a minute of the president’s time, is that too much to ask? (Yes.)

That Guy Romney Picked

Do you get to witness Mitt Romney introduce Rep. Paul Ryan as “the next president of the United States” on Saturday morning?