Work Hard, Figure Out Solutions, and Help People: A Talk With Dan Price

Dan Price often gets asked, by would-be entrepreneurs, what first step they should take to achieve their goals.
“The first step is doing something for someone,” he answers.

The Incredible Story of Pigeonly, an App That Mails Photos to Prison Inmates

You’d think that entrepreneurship would be a great choice of career for a former prison inmate; you’d bypass all of that prejudice and hiring bias against people with criminal records, and you’d be able to set your own value in the marketplace. Except, as Hutson learned when he was sent to a halfway house in Florida, he was not allowed to be an entrepreneur.

Girl Scouts Sell Cookies Outside Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Make Bank

Lei’s mother, Carol Lei, supervises the selling process, and told the East Bay Express that she thinks of this as not only a way to rack up cookie sales, but also as a way to teach her children about medical marijuana users.

Everybody Wants a Good Review (And a Good Book Recommendation)

People find all kinds of way to make money, and Todd Rutherford earned $28,000 a month writing fake reviews for books. no longer exists, but he’s planning on making money by offering a new service where he’ll blog and tweet about your book for $99. But who needs book reviews when you can just do this?