Dressing Like the Affordable Version of Ourselves

This is not the Nicole I want to present to the world. Of course, I can’t afford to be the Nicole I want to present to the world.

Petitioning J.Crew to Sell Fashionable Assistive Canes

Liz Jackson, whom you might remember as the source of “an invisible body cannot be a fashionable body,” is petitioning J.Crew to sell fashionable assistive canes.

Making the Deliberate Choice to Stop Wearing Grody Pajamas

There are probably a lot of us who go through the day with some kind of secret worn-out item bolstering the rest of our outfit, whether it’s the sock with the hole in the bottom or the layering tank with a frayed shoulder seam that shouldn’t matter because it’s layered underneath something else, but still manages to rub against the skin.

The Cost of Adaptive Fashion

A pair of jeans designed for people who use wheelchairs costs $90—but the high price tag might help people with disabilities become more visible as consumers.

How a Single Sweater Led to J.Crew Layoffs

One bad sweater design is all it takes to send a company into financial crisis.

The Vomit Jeans, or: What I Did to Avoid Paying $70

I did not want to buy a new pair of jeans. It was tax week and I was about to send two checks totalling over $7,000 to the IRS, and I did not want to spend even one percent of that amount on new jeans.

Spring Shopping

So after spending our most recent warm spring weekend going through my closet and thinking “I hate 30 percent of my clothes,” I decided it was time for some spring shopping.

What Are You Wearing and What Did It Cost

Bags seem to be the splurge of choice, followed by shoes.

Fall Haul

Fall Fashion