‘Shame Isn’t a Motivator of Positive Change’

“Most of us are trying to prevent future mistakes without realizing that shame and blame won’t fix what needs fixing.”

Is Everything Awesome? On Money and Optimism

When financial safety is at stake, it probably pays to be slightly more pessimistic than otherwise, because then you’ll be more careful, right? More ant than grasshopper. More Bert than Ernie.

Overapologizing in The Modern Age

Saying ‘I’m sorry’ too much, especially at work, gets a bad rap. It’s meek; it’s feminine, overly accommodating, self-deprecating; it’s fake. As a chronic over-apologizer in social interactions, if not in the big ways when it matters (for better or worse!), I really loved Clay Risen’s essay about empathy and the different kinds of sorry:

Their Success and Your Success Not Mutually Exclusive

How to not be jealous of Cheryl Strayed, by Cheryl Strayed.