Financial Responsibility Vs. Christmas

This year will be the first Christmas since 2007 that I have a job. I have the urge to buy presents for everyone and send out tons of Christmas cards. (The last time I had money, people still mailed cards.)

(S)extra Room: The Cost Of A “Non-Private” Living Arrangement

A search online for cheap, quick housing turned up a category that I never knew existed: roommates with benefits.

Hair Apparent: The Cost Of Caring For Natural Hair

Gels, crèmes, sprays, shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers – not to mention wigs, headbands, hats, and appliances – have cost me a small fortune over the years.

Waiting For The Homeless Bus With Mr. Palmer

I met Mr. Palmer on January 6, 2012, while I was waiting for the homeless bus to arrive at Venice Beach to take me to the emergency winter shelter for the night.

Phone-y Baloney

I guess that I should upgrade from “3G” to “4G,” even though I’m not even sure what a “G” is.

The Benefits Crystal Ball

I should have consulted a clairvoyant before I went to the New Employee Orientation.

Come For The Band, Stay For The Fridge

I can only assume that a band is friendlier at a $1,000 meet and greet than at a $9.99 one.