Uber Disrupts the Food Delivery Business Because Of Course It Does

UberEATS aims to set itself appart from the grubby food delivery hubs of the internet by providing curated menus and limited choices—and by creating anticipation and demand for these choices days in advance.

Soylent: Acceptable Food Substitute or Abomination?

Before we get into the discussion of “is Soylent an acceptable food substitute,” let’s take a look at how much switching to Soylent is going to cost you.

The Argument for Processed Food

If we are going to eat well in the future, we have to continue to modernize our food production instead of looking to the past.

Feeding Yourself When You Have Two Jobs

Your goal is to get back home at the end of the day, so invest in yourself; make sure you get what you need to get through.

Cooking Time

Cooking becomes a series of economizations; first, you discover that you don’t need a knife to slice your banana over your cereal—the spoon you’re going to eat the cereal with works just as well—and then you realize that it’s even faster if you just rip off chunks of banana with your hands.