How We Handle Change: A Friday Chat

Before starting any endeavor, I get very worked up about everything that could go wrong and everything I could do wrong, and then I try to remember the advice my older brother gave me when I was about to start my very first grown-up job: “Wear deodorant.”

Room Service, Y/N: A Friday Chat

The hot breakfast will cost you $15, max, more than your raisin bread and coffee. They do not mind if you spend an extra $15. They don’t even notice.

“Please, Sir, I Want Some More”: Friday Chatting About Negotiation

The theory is that if you agree to someone else’s needs now, then your needs will take on more weight in future discussions. This works with sibling relationships. It does not so much work in adult relationships, including professional ones.

Shopping With Moms & What To Do When They Say “Just Try It?”: A Friday Chat

When shopping with Mom, stay as far from the body as possible. Coats great! Bras bad.

What We Spend On Our Own Birthdays: A Friday Chat

How many single Billfolders buy themselves presents on their birthdays?

“I Would Prefer Not To”: A Friday Chat About Jobs

The thing I worry about, for this person—and I know that I am overreaching my boundaries by worrying about something on someone else’s behalf, but whatever—is the part where they compare the work day to a storm cloud that’s ruining their picnic. Um … freelance writing is work.

Too Many Tabs: A Friday Chat About Anxiety, Overwork, & Dolphins

It’s the same reason caring for others is undervalued; we can’t even properly value caring for ourselves.

Friday Chatting About Doing, Or Not Doing, What’s “Mandatory”

Are there “mandatory” things you’ve elected not to do in your life? How did those decisions turn out?

Friday Chatting About Planes, Which Are Miracles, and Airlines, Which Are The Worst

“I dress warmly for planes. I’ve done that ever since the horrific nighttime American Airlines flight I took once where they pumped the AC until it was about 55 degrees in there and then told passengers we were free to pay for blankets.”

Friday Chatting About Perks Vs Benefits In Our Brave New World

Does the gig economy help people out of the underclass or create a whole new one?