Small Luxuries: Putting Together a Starter Patio on a Shoestring Budget

After receiving $100 as a wedding gift, my husband and I decided to spend it on some patio furniture.

When The Couch Comes

When the couch comes, you’re not wearing a bra, because of course you’re not, it’s not even noon yet and you work for the Internet.

So You’re Ready To Buy Some Grown-Up Furniture

STEP 1: DON’T PANIC. Breathe in. Remind yourself that grown-up furniture often costs grown-up sums of money, and that’s okay. Breathe out.

How To Buy A Dining Room Table In 24 Easy Steps

Transitional Furniture

Raise your hand if you’ve ever owned a Lack coffee table from Ikea. Keep your hand raised if your Lack coffee table was passed on to you from a friend, or found on the street, or bought for $10 on Craigslist, where you are bound to find pages and pages of Lack coffee tables for sale.

Our Couches, Ourselves

Couch talk.

Sleep Tight

But, yes! Having a good mattress is very important.

Goodbye, Little Green Couch

The couch was ugly and old and free. Did I want it? Of course I wanted it. I met Mom at the church that afternoon, and we hauled the thing out of the parish hall, green and squat like a corpse excised from a condemned house.