Cracking Down On Gambling Grandmas And Geeks

Who cares what grown ass people do with their discretionary income?

Earning a Living Playing Poker

This thread in Quora about what it’s like to earn a living by gambling and playing poker is fascinating. From someone who plays on Stars and Full Tilt named Jeff Myerson.

Nevada’s Black Book

Frank Citro Jr. is on Nevada’s “Excluded Person List” AKA the Black Book, which means he’s barred from ever entering a casino.

Online Poker’s Shadow Market

In April of last year, the Department of Justice shut down the three largest online poker sites in the U.S., leaving players—many of whom considered online poker their part-time of full-time jobs—and their earnings stuck in limbo. What happened to their money?

Gambling Doesn’t Fix the Budget

Does gambling revenue do much to help states balance their budget? According to the City Journal, the answer is no for a variety of reasons—including the idea that people who spend $5 on lottery tickets are just spending $5 less on other things, like groceries.