Playing Your Way Out Of Student Loan Debt

“Play Givling and you could become a millionaire by crowd funding the payoff of student loans.”

Who Wants to Try to Be a Millionaire?

It’s easy to sit at home in your underwear watching game shows and screaming at idiots who don’t know what the biggest city in Canada is, but if you think you’re as good as the contestants on TV, why not try signing up? As a pub quiz aficionado, game show viewer and general knowledge nerd, I’ve always wanted to be a contestant, but I assumed there must be some catch—that I wouldn’t be good enough or photogenic enough.

John Oliver Throws Stones at the Lottery

People hate taxes yet love lotteries, even though lottery winners are often quite unlucky in the long run.

Hacking ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ for Unlimited Money Made Me Lose My Moral Compass

“Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” was introduced to my iPhone earlier this summer after my already-addicted friend told me that I had to play it “to get a good laugh.” Let me be clear, we both love the Kardashians unironically; love their unabashed business tactics, their penchant for body-con dresses, their general candor and their adorable, growing flock of children. I could write a dissertation in defense of the entire K-empire if someone would permit me to.

The Man Who Made ‘Catan’ While Hating His Day Job

Adrienne Raphel has a really lovely profile of Klaus Teuber, a dental technician from Darmstadt, Germany who designed games in his basement during his spare time. One of those games ended up taking off and later designated by Wired as “The Monopoly Killer.” Teuber’s game: The Settlers of Catan, which I’ve only gotten to play once but found it really fun.

To Video Game Buyers, Longer Often Feels Better

In the New Yorker, Simon Parkin says when it comes to buying video games, players put a premium on length, no matter how good the game is.

The Security of $82,000 in Game Show Winnings