Cards Against Humanity For STEM

A deck only costs $25, making it an affordable — and, depending on your mood, entertaining — centerpiece of a night in. Of course, it could cost you much more than that in social capital if an offended person leaves your house mid-play.

Career Dilemmas Present in ‘The Sims 4’

Different types of Sims players have different types of goals: The Architect wants to build beautiful homes. The Murderer likes to create Sims only to watch them die slow, painful deaths by trapping them inside their homes and watching them starve. Then there is the type that I fall under: the Careerist whose goal is to get to the top of whatever career their Sim is in.

Game Theory and ‘The Price is Right’

At Slate, Ben Blatt explains how winning on The Price is Right is really all about game theory, or strategic decision making. Here’s his example from Contestants Row, the segment on the show where contestants guess the prices of various goods—the person who guesses the closest to the retail price without going over gets to move forward in the show.

The Phones at the Dinner Table Game

When I attended a one-year-old’s birthday party a few weeks ago, some of the adults stood around the snack table and proposed the following game for when going out to dinner with friends: Everyone stacks their phones at the center of the table. The first person who reaches for their phone at any time during the meal pays for dinner. If no one reaches for their phone, everyone splits the meal.

Of Course There Would Be a Stock Manipulation Scheme in Grand Theft Auto V

Kevin Roose gives us a rundown of the stock manipulation scheme that players of Grand Theft Auto V planned, using the game’s stock-trading feature (apparently this exists!). Some players wanted to know if they could somehow game the stock market to make billions of dollars, and went on game forums and a subreddit to hash out a plan to do it. Their scheme did not go exactly as planned. Thank god that this is just a game and none of these kinds of stock manipulation schemes happen in real life.

The Prettiest Place in Monopoly

Scouting New York, a blog run by Nick Carr, a guy who scouts New York locations for movie sets, has a really fun post looking at what the properties in the Monopoly game actually look like. As it turns out, a lot of them have been built over by developers for casinos and resorts, but Marvin Gardens remains the most pleasing to the eye.

Devious Games

The Financial Post has an interesting interview with Ramin Shokrizade about the deviousness of games like Candy Crush, which he says convinces otherwise rational people to pay money for “advantages” that they normally wouldn’t pay for if “their more rational sides” were in charge.

The Fantasy Administrative Assistant Game

If you are a nerd, or an administrative assistant, you may enjoy this McSweeney’s piece.

The Diablo Economy

I have never played Diablo but this post by the Ivey Business Review about the history of the game’s virtual economy is totally fascinating.

This Video Game About a Weird Monster is a Video Game About Inequality

In perhaps the most abstruse exploration of an economic theme in a video game since Ms. Pac-Man tackled workplace sexism, game designer Colin Northway says his quirky indie puzzler Incredipede is really a game about … global economic inequality.