Things I Miss About Having A Real Job

“So, do you miss it?” she said, meaning work. Our work. Her current, my former. Not that we did the same things, but you know.

“No,” I said, shaking my head. I laughed at my answer, so quick. No.

How About Just Don’t Do What You Hate?

Award-winning cartoonist turned front-end developer Rachel Nabors writes for Medium about (NOT) doing what you love. Her amended advice: Don’t do something you hate for a living.

A Chat With a Woman Fielding Four Job Offers (Our Hero)

What’s it like to get a bunch of job offers?

Should You Apply for That Job?

Yes apply for that job.

The Evolution of Understanding How to Get a Job

How 2 get 1 job.

Thoughts While Taking a Copyediting Test

This is just a formality right?

Alexa Chung Is Just Like Us!

No, really. We’re doppelgangers. Hadley Freeman interviewed her for the Guardian: “When I ask [Alexa] what her future plans are, she replies, ‘Umm, I don’t know. What do you think I should do?‘”

How to Actually Get a Job

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