A Gift-Giving Question Of The Day

There are a lot of single people giving two gifts to their coupled friends, or three or four gifts to their friends with kids, and receiving one gift “from the Tanners.”

How To Buy Your Lover Flowers

If you are committed to going through with this purchase, do it right.

Happy Birthday! I Bought You Something That Costs $5K A Month

Don’t buy someone a present that costs them money.

I Spent $400 On A Man’s Watch — And I Feel Great About It

Do not show me an oval with hash marks on it and tell me it’s a watch. A box on wheels is not a baby carriage.

The One-way Gift

Good morning, Billfolders! Let’s start off this Tuesday with a question: have you ever given or received a “one-way gift?”

The Best Gift I Ever Gave Cost $2

The best gift I ever gave was a ladle that cost $2 and came from the hardware store.

Gift for Teacher

“Because you don’t know what everyone else is giving,” says Kim Egan, a mother of two in Santa Monica, Calif. “You don’t want to under-give. You don’t want to over-give.”

When Bill Gates Is Your Secret Santa

Reddit has a Secret Santa program where anonymous users can buy and exchange gifts with other anonymous users, and as it turns out a Redditor named Rachel had Bill Gates as her Secret Santa.

A Sociologist Looks at Gift-giving

Kitchen-related Gifts

I’m usually not much of a gift guide person, but I liked Megan McArdle’s gift guide for kitchen things because of how sensible it is (a $13 microplane grater is affordable and is something I’d actually would be happy to get). I also have a close friend who seemingly has everything, so my gifts to her are usually to take her out to dinner, but I once bought her a fish spatula for her birthday after remembering the one night we made dinner together where we ruined the fish using a regular spatula and it was kind of perfect. Plus, you could always get a nice oven mitt for the person who doesn’t like to cook, but likes frozen pizza.