The Resources We Have to Give

Six years ago, none of my peers had anything extra to give. Now, I feel like I missed an important part of adulthood. I want to be able to host people and cook for people and share my extra things.

Alumni Giving Season

It’s the holiday season again, which means it’s that time of year when universities try to raise more money from their alumni. Every year around this time, I start getting a call every day from an unknown number. At first, I ignore it, thinking it’s a wrong number. But I eventually realize that it’s someone calling from one of the universities I’ve attended and that they are not going to stop until they talk to an actual person.

Volunteering Doesn’t Need to Be a Drag — Ask Me How

Volunteerism: A primer for success

Giving and the Poverty Machine

Peter Buffett, a composer and the son of Warren Buffett, had an opinion piece in the Times this weekend examining the rise of the nonprofit sector and the way we “give back.” Peter often hears people say, “if only they had what we have”—what we have being clean water, free markets, and access to education and the internet—but what we also have is, well, poverty and inequality. How can we eradicate poverty in other countries if we haven’t figured out a system to eradicate it where we live?

Givers, Matchers, Takers

Helping others to get ahead.

Inefficient Fundraising Through Knitting

Follow these 5 easy steps and you can be an inefficient fundraiser just like me!