It’s Never Been Easier To Freelance From Abroad

These days any place with an Internet connection can be a workspace, whether it’s in New York or Thailand.

Visiting an Optometrist in Bangalore

For two eye appointments including dilation, I paid 200 rupees or $4.75.

“Why Can’t You Afford a Private Tour?”

I hope you read Mai Wang’s story about traveling (and getting scammed) in China, because it reminded me of a similar trip I took in India while I was in graduate school.

Why I Don’t Regret Getting Scammed In China

I knew the journey was out of reach for the typical Chinese citizen, but I didn’t know how indulgent it was until I found myself checking into a five-star hotel in the city of Guilin.

How To Find A Job & Travel The World, Gently

“Having the security of a steady paycheck and a home base, I gave myself permission to prioritize travel and experiences over financial goals for a few months.”

What I Learned Working as an Au Pair for a Family in France

I have two expensive interests: I love traveling and learning French.

I Escaped the Permatern Life By Leaving the West

I stopped looking for jobs in the U.K. and started looking for jobs in the whole world.

Handmade in Palestine

Jacob Newberry’s essay in Ploughshares about living in Jerusalem and his naive attempts to resolve relations between the Israelis and Palestinians by taking shopping trips in Ramallah is a very good read.