A Junior League Of Their Own

Eleanor Roosevelt was in the Junior League — one of the first members, in fact, along with founder Mary Harriman.

Homeless Man Who Turned in Backpack Full of Money Receives $150,000

An update on the story of Glen James, the homeless man in Boston who found a backpack with more than $40,000 in cash and travelers checks and turned it in to authorities: A fundraiser for James on GoFundMe raised more than $150,000, and the money is being given to James to pay for housing, medical care, and other bills. James’s sister will be the fund’s trustee.

Homeless Man, Honored

Let’s start this morning off with a feel-good story: A Boston homeless man named Glen James was honored at police headquarters for turning in a backpack he found that contained $2,400 in cash, $39,500 in traveler’s checks, and a passport and various papers. The backpack ended up belonging to a Best Buy employee who worked at the mall (it remains a mystery why the employee was carrying around so much cash, and I’m very curious as to why and whether he offered any kind of reward to James after having his backpack returned to him). [via]