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Congrats to Meaghan!

This Just In: Republican Cares About Paid Family Leave!

The standard GOP response to parents agitating for a national paid family leave policy is usually some version of “tough.” Rubio, however, has suddenly strayed from the pack.

It’s Not Easy Being Green, Except in Vermont Where It’s Mandatory

“Radical Coop-Living Bride” Inspires Sitcom!

What Fields Medal Prize Money Will Buy You in 2014

New “Harry Potter” Content Released, Free

Jill Abramson Takes ~2 Minutes to Land On Her Feet

Empathetic Personal Robots! $2000, Available Soon

Seattle Uber Drivers Unionizing

One of the first goals of the union is to encourage Uber to change its termination policy, wherein drivers are fired for bad ratings without discussion or review (it’s the no hearing part drivers object to, not the ratings). They would also like to be consulted when Uber changes its pricing and policies. Seems fair.

Gold Digger-Murderer “Bernie” Gets ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ Card

Today, Texas is deciding whether to free convicted murderer “Bernie,” who was sentenced to life in prison for killing his much older, wealthy, and by all accounts persnickety female companion. If this sounds familiar, it might be because you saw the dark 2011 Richard Linklater comedy about the church-going small town Texas undertaker cum gold-digging gigolo cum murderer. It is, in fact, partly thanks to the film that Bernie Tiede could once again live as a free man: