We ♥ Tess

Tess left Marketplace, her dream job, last summer after working there for 11 years. When I had first heard about that my reaction was, “OMG, WHY?” which was pretty much the reaction everyone was having. She recently gave a talk explaining her decision to leave, and why she’s excited about moving on to the next thing, even though she’s not sure what that next thing will be yet. It is really just terrific.

‘I Was Never One of the Boys’

Joyce King Thomas is the former McCann Erickson Chief Creative Officer who originated MasterCard’s “Priceless” campaign, and is now the partner and director of brand partnerships at Longreads, where I have the pleasure of working with her.

What to Do When You Forget Your Things in a Taxi Cab

“I gave him $500. It was a lot more than I could afford, but a lot less than he deserved.”

What Good Could You Do With $100? How About $1,000?

If someone gave you $1,000 and told you to do something good with it, what would you do?

An Outstanding Young Lady

“This young lady has, unlike most of us, known hunger. She’s known abuse and neglect, she’s known homelessness and filth. Yet she’s risen above it all to become such an outstanding young lady.”

The Rewards of Being Kind (Or How to Get a Dinner Reservation)

The dinner reservation was a birthday gift to me from Elizabeth, one of my closest friends. She was able to get the un-gettable reservation by simply being kind.