The Nonprofit Grocery Store That’s Not Letting Food Go to Waste

The vegetables might be a little misshapen, but they’re still perfectly good to eat.

A Locally-sourced, Handmade Grocery Store With Prices to Match

here are plenty of restaurants out there that take the time and effort to make sure that the ingredients they use are locally sourced and of good quality, but Local Mission Eatery took the extra step of opening a small market to give shoppers access to its goods.

Grocery Spending Via Food Pyramid

The other day, I wondered how my grocery store spending matched up with the old U.S. Department of Agriculture’s food pyramid, which they retired in 2011 (I have yet to accept their new plate chart), so I pulled up an old receipt I had on file to see how it would turn out. My dairy spending tends to be on the lower end because I usually will buy a tub of yogurt and a carton of organic milk every other grocery shop. Anyway, this is among the things I sometimes think about, which makes me perfect marriage material if you ask me! Excuse me while I load up on some more carbs.

The Great Greek Yogurt Grocery Shelf Takeover

The rising popularity of Greek yogurt in the past few years has made more room for it on the limited amount of space in refrigerated grocery store shelves, and less for other some of the other items that used to be share that space, to the dismay of some shoppers. I suppose I’m one of those people who have switched to Greek yogurt and helped its shelf-growth—I find that yogurt from Stonyfield and Dannon are too sweet now. Have you been affected by the Great Greek Yogurt Takeover?

Shopping the Frozen Food Aisle

Amazon Expands Its Grocery Business

Would AmazonFresh be something you’d use?

How to Be a Genius in the Produce Aisle (Like Me)

Sarah Todd explains how to pick out fruits and vegetables.

Save On Cereal With This One Weird Old Tip

Lindsey Weber figured out how to keep herself in cereal for days.

Salvaged Food

I have never seen a salvage store like Greene County Damaged Freight and Foods, which sells food at deep discounts because they’ve reached their sell-by dates or have been damaged during transportation, but I would certainly not be averse to shopping at one.

Buy New Food, But Keep the Old (Syke, Don’t)

How long is too long to keep food that you buy.