Going Platinum

Well, I did it. I waded through the fire-swamp of the NY State of Health online insurance marketplace, I got cleared to apply for insurance for next year, and I finally got to compare my current Bronze plan to the various alternatives.

The Deductibles Are Too Damn High

Mine is basically the cheapest decent plan I could find and I can afford it only because I’m married to an employed person and we have savings. Many Americans aren’t so lucky.

$275 For An Anatomy Scan: Worth It?

After a frank conversation with my midwife, I found I had a choice to make. The anatomy scan, which takes place at about twenty weeks, loomed. Did I want it, knowing roughly what — or at least that — I would have to pay?

Paid For “Playing The Role Of An Employed Fertile Human Body”

“The $8,000 started to look laughable.”

Free Market Saves The Day. Yay?

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals’ action amounts to a kind of charity, and charity, however welcome and important, can’t be counted on.

Obamacare Pregnancies: LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES

If you or someone you love is considering getting pregnant — with or without the support of the ACA — please, feel free to learn from my mistakes and take into account the following.

IUDs For Everyone! $50 A Pop

Why should your birth control cost more than an iPhone?

Nothing Is More Terrifying Than A For-Profit Hospital

Thanks to our withering scorn, the douche-bro backpedaled. Imagine what hospitals might do if we rose up.

Douchebro Price Gouger And The Law Of Unintended Consequences

Shkreli sparked an overdue conversation about why rich, conscience-less individuals should be allowed to profit off of America’s sickest, most vulnerable citizens. He also inspired Hilary Clinton to put forth a potential solution.

For Good or For Ill, Health Care Spending Is My Vice

Between work, life, relationship, and school stress I had enough maladies real or imagined to keep me going to various healers, medical or otherwise.