The Cost of Getting Your Eyes Checked (When Your Health Insurance Does Not Include Vision)

At that point I wanted to bang my forehead against the mirrored wall and ask “does everything cost some ridiculous amount of money these days?” Glasses should cost no more than $150. My health insurance program should give me at least some kind of discount on my eye exam and my new frames.

Out-of-Network Horror Stories

I want to share this article about surprise medical bills with you but it fills me with so much anxiety I don’t even know where to begin.

How Much Should the Dentist Cost?

A few hours before my dentist appointment yesterday, the office left me a voicemail warning me that the insurance I used last time I visited (err, 18 months ago) was no longer active. Of course I knew this, and was somewhat devastated by the reminder, but I also appreciated them calling to let me know. Did I call them back to ask how much the cleaning would cost without insurance? No, because I did not want to hear it.

Dying of Treatable Diseases in Texas

St. Vincent’s ends up with the uninsured patients that a nearby hospital is legally required to stabilize but not treat. Many of these patients fall into the Medicaid coverage gap, a gap that is a million Texans strong and won’t be closing with the Affordable Care Act.

Barring Medical Breakthroughs

Do You Have Health Insurance? Y/N

Do you have health insurance?

The Cost of Crohn’s Disease (Year One)

The cost of Crohn’s.

‘I Do Not Have the Money to Pay for This!’

You can totally refuse care. Except for when you can’t.

A New HIV Drug, And Things You Learn If You Google ‘How to Pay for HIV Drugs’

HIV drugs are expensive. Paying for them is complicated.

I Think “Shock” Describes It, Almost

Hospital visit expensive.