ACA Website Needs a Bandaid and a Lollipop

How signing up for Obamacare is going, reported by John Dickerson at Slate.

The ACA and Our Uteruses

Money in Plastics

The plastic surgery industry is prob gonna be what ends up funding printers that print new organs (!) because the tech is far off and no one is willing to invest in it except people who are like, oh, new boobs, obviously. Forward thinkers. New nipples today, new livers tomorrow! Thanks vanity.

The Cost of Ulcerative Colitis

I Hid My Chronic Illness From My Employer and It Mostly Worked Out

When I became ill in May 2009, nobody at work knew exactly what was wrong, and I didn’t intend to tell anyone.

The Thing to Read This Weekend is: “Bitter Pill”

The story you have to read this weekend is Steven Brill’s Bitter Pill.

Meanwhile in Florida

Strangers’ Search for Meaning

‘I Hoped My Insurance Company Wouldn’t Find Out’

Medicaid in Oregon