Learning from Patti Smith

“I’m not a celebrity, I’m a worker. I’ve always worked.”

“I Don’t Believe in Owing”: How James McBride Does Money

I knew I was rich when I said I wanted a pair of jeans and I went to the store and I said, give me two of them.

‘I Had My Backpack and 20 Cents’: How Cheryl Strayed Does Money

“We had a happy life. I would say I really had a very happy one, even though we lived in poverty, on food stamps, government cheese, and sometimes the food pantry shelf,” said Strayed.

German Labor Ministry Bans After-Hours Email (Internally)

NB: this is not a nationwide policy mandated by the German Labor Ministry — it’s just an in-house rule for the ministry itself. Their managers, not all managers in Germany, although that would be amazing.

I still think it sets a nice tone! I have definitely sent and received some ill-conceived late-night work emails in my day. SAVE AS DRAFT. I need to paint that on the wall over my desk.