The Cost of Quitting Med School

I imagine line items for indulgent expenses while I live with four roommates. This is all slightly complicated by the fact that in March, I withdrew from medical school.

Grad School, Two Ways

I had no idea what I wanted to do after finishing my undergraduate education, which I spent studying linguistics for four years. This was obviously not going to get me a practical job.

How Are the MOOCs Doing?

The researchers note that this doesn’t mean that online courses aren’t working—just that there were a lot of curious people who were simply browsing and dropping as the courses became available.

Hang in There, Humanities Majors

Inside Higher Ed breaks down a new report from the Association of American Colleges and Universities that comes bearing good news: liberal arts majors may take a bit longer to find well-paid jobs, by the time they’re (we’re!) in our 50’s we make on average more money than people who studied in professional or pre-professional fields.

The Difference Between Good and Great, at Harvard and in Life

The Briny Business of Academia

Also No Need to Fill Out a FAFSA to Read Some Books

N.Y.U.’s Vacation Home Loans

Trachtenberg is commenting in the Times about N.Y.U. loaning out money to some faculty members and administrators to buy vacation homes.

The Three Ways I Got Schooled: As a Student, a Teacher, and a Person Trying to Pay Rent

A solid command of English and better-than-average rhetorical fluency has to count for something, right? Maybe it does, but certainly not as much as you’re taught in school—and certainly not in a down economy.

A Call for Higher Wages for Adjuncts

A minimum of $5,000 per course—that’s what adjuncts and their supporters are asking for in their Mayday Manifesto that went live yesterday, according to Inside Higher Ed.