The Pros And Cons Of Skipping Christmas

Skipping Christmas means having to spend less money *and* less time being stressed. I should be happy.

Working The Jobs That Must Stay Open Over The Holidays

There are no perfect fixes if your work must stay open every day of the year, but staffing/scheduling policies can help.

‘Tis the Season for Emotional Labor

Why does the holiday season leave so many of us worn out? Because most holiday work is straight-up emotional labor.

Did You Spend Memorial Day At Work?

Did you work on Memorial Day? If you had the day off, did you still work through Memorial Day, maybe by completing a bunch of outstanding administrative tasks?

Thanksgiving Estimate/Open Thread

Stay safe if you’re traveling in bad weather!

Grandma Helen at Thanksgiving

Helen has a really amazing Thanksgiving letter she posted for her family on the blog.

Turkey Planning

Logan and I are discussing our Thanksgiving plans this morning, which we’re still unsure about, but last year, I spent it alone, singing carols softly to myself while roasting a single turkey breast in the oven (it was delicious—the trick is brining it).