How to Pack One Suitcase for a Long Trip

After four trips of a month or longer in Europe, New Zealand and Australia, my battered Samsonite roll-aboard and I have a solid set of best practices for budget travel. Some of them come into play even before you roll up that first pair of socks to stuff into your shoes, so read on!

How to Ask for Money

Everyone resents being used; donors want to be seen as people, not purses, and good petitioners will treat them that way. Good petitioners will likewise make sure they are seen as people and not merely black holes of need.

How to Make Buying Things More Like Having Experiences

DON’T buy on impulse. DO wear a funny hat.

How To Become a Math Person, Vol. 1

The woman who just won a Fields Medal, Maryam Mirzakhani, did not initially conceive of herself as a math person; like so many of us, she wanted to be a writer.

How To Do Money Before, During & After Grad School

Minimize teaching. Academia functions by exploiting low wage workers to teach undergraduates. That’s you.

Work As If You Live In the Early Days of a Better Nation

How To Get Whatever You Want From Customer Service, Painfully

My mother taught me a customer-service bargaining secret that saves me hundreds of dollars all the time, but also kills me softly and slowly.