Several People Are Typing

If you work remotely, with the rest of your coworkers in another state, unless you insist on video chats every week, you could go for months without hearing another coworker’s voice.

T/F: Nobody Cares How Hard You Work

Is it true that nobody cares how hard you work and the only thing that matters is results?

Working And The “Real Girl”

Just a few months after everything was seemingly “coming up Kim,” I was sitting on a park bench at Lincoln Center, eating a bag of candy alone and coming to the realization that I would soon be unemployed.

The 35-hour Work Week

How much of a difference would it make for you if your workweek was cut to 35 hours?

Working Remotely And Feeling Good About It

Christopher Groskopf works remotely as a developer for NPR, and he wrote a post on OpenNews about what he’s learned about working from home.