Working My Way Through Grad School, $5 at a Time

I was a month and a half out of undergrad, graduate school was looming, and I was desperate for just about any type of job, even ones that would only pay me $5.

“Everyone Needs Multiple Ways To Earn Money”

Even in America, not everything can or should be about profit.

Hustling Over Budgeting

Being scrappy is my jam. I don’t call myself frugal because that to me entails sacrifice and I don’t adhere to the mantra of the miser, nor would I call myself a “shopaholic” because that entails frivolity and a lack of control.

Do The Side Hustle

“Even a non-cool writing job is still a gift.”


There is certainly no shortage of other hustles: a couple weeks ago, a well-dressed man pitched me a story in Dunkin Donuts about having lost his wallet and run out of gas, needing to get to Bridgeport, etc., etc. The next day, apparently not recognizing me, he tried again a few blocks away. “You sold me that bill of goods yesterday!” I said, and he just walked away cursing. At least once every summer, when I’m sitting outside at the neighborhood bar down the block from my building, someone tries to run the out-of-gas hustle with an actual jerry can. I appreciate the extra investment in veracity, but I don’t offer money.

Money Was Tight, But My Mom Worked It Out (Now I Do Too)

My mom taught me how to work it out.

Joan Will Do Anything for Money

Joan Rivers works hard, doesn’t say no.