First They Came For The Girl Scouts

Why should anything as light and delicious as one box of Thin Mints cost $12 to send through the mails? Are we buying it its own pony?

What Orange is the New Black Reveals About Commissaries

I still haven’t had a chance to watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix yet (waiting for that Labor Day binge), but I’ve read a few pieces about the show, including Adam Davidson’s piece in the Times Magazine about how prison commissaries work, and the difficulty Piper Kerman has to buy simple things like shower shoes and a radio.

Calls from Prison

How does a 20-minute phone call in a prison end up costing $20—which families end up paying for because calls are usually made collect? According to the American Prospect, states sign exclusive prison contracts with phone companies, and 42 states receive a “kickback” commission from each phone call, which is supposedly used to fund prison rehabilitation programs and sick prisoners.