Is It Better to Have a Savings Account for When You Break Your Phone?

Is your insurance plan for your phone or gadget doing you any good?

Go For The Bronze, Maybe! Advice From An Obamacare/HSA Expert

I spoke to the very well-informed Steve Neeleman about getting your health insurance house in order for this coming year, especially if you’re pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant in 2016.

How Much Would You Spend Each Month On Something You May Never Use

“Can we talk about insurance again?” Ben asked while the toddler napped and I tried to soothe my frazzled nerves with newsprint. From the depths of the Real Estate section, I made the universally understood groaning noise of despair.

Deciding to Buy Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance, Renewed

This morning, I received a call from Allstate telling me that my renters insurance was expiring, and that I should renew it and increase my coverage.

Insured for the Family

Do you have people in your life who would be financially affected if you died?

The Affordable Care Act: What It Is and What It Isn’t

The Affordable Care Act to the rescue kind of!

Betting on Death

If you have a life insurance policy, and are going to die soon, but you need money now to pay for things, and not after you’re dead to have a payout go to your beneficiaries, you can try to go for a life settlement (or viatical settlement if you’re terminally ill).

On No Flo!

Insurance Company Does Evil Thing

This man’s story about how Progressive insurance turned against his sister after she was killed in an auto accident is pretty horrific. Sometimes, paying a company to insure you doesn’t mean it will be on your side because it will be thinking more about its bottom line, and less about, well, doing the right thing.