Monica Lewinsky, Job Hunter

Monica Lewinsky is 40 years old this year! And she has given an in-depth interview to Vanity Fair, where she declares it time to “burn the beret and bury the blue dress.” She says she wants to stop tip-toeing around her past and ‘write her own ending to her story.’ I do like the sound of that.

Summer Interns and Helicopter Parents

S. Mitra Kalita, the ideas editor at Quartz, has some advice for parents who are emailing their friends and asking them if they have any internship spots available for their kids: Don’t do it.

High School Age Interns

At NBC News, Nona Willis Aronowitz writes about the rise of the high school age intern. High school students are taking on both unpaid and paid internships to gain experience in a field they are interested in or to make themselves standout during the college application process.

Better Policies for Hiring Interns

Doree Shafrir is an executive editor at Buzzfeed who’s hired and managed her fair share of millennials. Her piece, “Can the Intern Hamster Wheel Be Stopped?” takes a hard look at the troubling trend of ‘do a dozen unpaid internships everywhere but then never find a job in the creative industry to which you just devoted your early 20s.’ It is nice to hear discussion about what can be done from people who have the power to do something about it.

Revolting Interns

This weekend, Melissa Schorr looked at some of the litigation that has been occurring against companies by unpaid interns, how some unpaid internships are disappearing (Conde Nast shuttered its internship program for 2014), and how colleges have remained conspicuously silent about the matter (companies feel better about offering no compensation if they think interns will get college credit they can actually use towards graduating).

How 14 Former and Current Interns Supported Themselves During Their Internships

Former interns reveal how they supported themselves while doing internships.

Did You Have Any Idea Kai Ryssdal Was This Cool?

Unpaid Intern Can’t Bring Sexual Harassment Claim Against Supervisor; Not Considered Employee

Here’s another terrible thing about being an unpaid intern (besides, you know, the whole unpaid part): Since unpaid interns aren’t considered employees, Lihuan Wang cannot bring a sexual harassment claim against her former supervisor under the New York City Human Rights Law. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the New York City Council “has had several opportunities to amend the law to protect unpaid interns but has declined to do so.” Phoenix, the media company Wang worked for as an unpaid intern, says that their New York bureau chief Liu Zhengzhu no longer works for them, but says they never talked to him about any of the allegations.

Internships Reevaluated Around the World and at Medill

The U.S. isn’t the only country examining labor issues and dealing with legal problems when it comes to unpaid interns. Interns across the world are fighting for their fair shake when it’s clear that an employer should be paying them for the work that they’re doing, according to the Times.

Dishwashing Is Not an Internship

CBC News reports that a hotel in Vancouver offered unpaid internships to young people interested in a culinary career. “As a Busperson, you will take pride in the integral role you play in supporting your Food and Beverage Colleagues and ‘setting the stage’ for a truly memorable meal,” the ad read. Um, yeah, sorry but bussing tables and washing dishes is not an internship—it’s unpaid labor.