Happy New Year! Here Are Some Pointless Or Obvious Savings Tips!

Save $200 over the year! Awesome! Except the Nest programmable thermostat costs $250.

The Actual Cost of My Discount Personal Trainer

When it comes to services like personal training, I now realize that you get what you pay for. Further, if you’re charging rock-bottom prices for your services, you tend to deliver on that value. At least, this was the case with Robert, who had been blandly professional as a gym employee making $60 per 45-minute session, but as a private trainer making $25 for 60 minutes, would always show up a few minutes late and, using my apparent fatigue as an excuse, end a few minutes early. He used a bizarre, demoralizing method of “you can’t do it” motivation, and had a super-intense, long-lingering personal scent that he made no effort to mitigate. He didn’t incorporate cardio into our sessions. He’d say things like, “I mean, everyone can believe in whatever god they want, as long as they accept Christ as their personal savior.” He was an active member of several men’s rights forums, and said predictably gross things about feminists, lesbians, Hillary Clinton, Jillian Michaels and Jackie Warner.