A ‘Scientifically Based Gratitude Intervention’

At Nautilus, Chris Mooney examines the science of gratitude—how simply thinking about the things we should be grateful for makes us happier and how it’s a shame that it’s something we only really actively ask each other about around holidays like Thanksgiving. I’m grateful for a lot of things in my life—the people in my life, the jobs I have—and those feelings of gratitude have perhaps prevented me from spending money on things to help fill that void people sometimes get when they’re feeling unhappy. The next time I’m feeling out of sorts, I’ll pull a Mooney and make a list about how lucky I am.

Economic Theory Explains Why First-Born Kids Are Way Less Cool

Things I should save for therapy aside, PBS NewsHour explains a new economic study confirming what we’ve long suspected, and complained about: oldest kids do get it the worst. And guess what? We get to blame our parents. (Do I finally have someone to blame for my being a virgin until I was 23?)