A Church For the Poor And The Price of Cocaine

What Jia learned this week.

1st Born And Only Children Are More Likely to Earn 6-Figure Incomes

On average, babies laugh 300 times a day. Adults laugh 20.

The Cost of a Bottle of Sutter Home at the Times Square Olive Garden + More Booze Facts


12 Percent of Billionaires Are Virgos

On February 15, a 10-ton meteor entered the atmosphere at 33,000 miles per hour and exploded in the sky over the Russian town of Chelyabinsk with a force 20 times more powerful than the atomic bomb at Hiroshima.

Valentine’s Day Spending Will Total $18.6 Billion This Year

If you combined Harper’s Index with its Findings section and dramatically lowered the research quality of both, you would get my mind after a good Internet k-hole. Here are all the things I learned this week.

474 People in America Named Richard Rich

In 1982, Sweden enacted a Naming Law in order to prevent non-noble families from giving their children the names of nobility

The Apartment Now Belongs to Ekaterina Rybolovleva, the 22-Year-Old Daughter of a Russian Fertilizer Magnate

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The Cigarette Tax in New York is $4.35 Per Pack

From the cigarette tax to the price of myrrh.