Keeping Track of Our Money

In the Bucks blog, Carl Richards says we can learn a lot about ourselves and make improvements when we track our spending.

Financial Archaeology

What Josh Frughlinger spent during the 1996-1997 academic school year.

I Love Quicken

Quicken is perfect for people like me; I like to keep some record of my life, but journaling is time-consuming, labor-intensive and, frankly, embarrassing. I don’t necessarily need to filter and examine every aspect of my life, but I do want to look back and have some idea of what I’ve been up to. The way it works isn’t terribly complicated: You enter your income and expenses into the program, slotting the latter under various preset categories (groceries, clothing, gifts given).

Three Months of Coffee

bought a Starbucks card and have been reloading it every week or two for the past three months using PayPal so I could track how much money I’m spending on my daily cup of coffee before I head into work.