Running Away From Home and Spending Five Days Wandering NYC

Eleven-year-old Kareem Granton ran away from home and spent five days sleeping on the subway. He talked to New York magazine’s Katie Van Syckle about how he spent time his time and what he saw.

eBay Millennials Go Rogue, Save Company

Nicholas Carlson’s retelling of how a couple of millennials working for eBay went rogue and flew to Australia for two weeks to redesign the homepage, thus breathing new life and profit into a flagging company, well, it kind of makes me want to fly to Australia to two weeks and redesign someone’s homepage.


Parents have different ways of providing (or not providing) their kids with an allowance: Some believe allowances should be tied to chores, while others believe that chores should be done whether or not there is an allowance because allowances are privileges that can be taken away at any given moment. I didn’t have an allowance because my parents needed every dollar they earned to pay the bills, and instead, if I needed or wanted something, we’d talk about it and my mother would determine whether or not it was something the family could afford (anything that had to do with school was generally approved).

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor at Summer Camp

Tampa Bay Times reporter Lisa Gardner dropped by the Country Day School in Largo, Fla. which was in the midst of a Hunger Games-theme week. The kids wore flags around their waists, which could be ripped away flag football-style to simulate the taking of another child’s life (“to simulate the taking of another child’s life”—yowza). Such is The Way We Live Now.

What’s Up With Gen Z These Days?

Here you will find a story filed by the Associated Press about a 12-year-old boy who robbed a 10-year-old boy who was running a lemonade stand in Pennsylvania.

American Kids Still The Worst

American kids are terrible.

This Kid is All Right

Here is a kid, 17-year-old Maura Pozek, who made a prom dress out of cardboard, and she looks amazing.

What the Kids Are Paying for Prom

Actually, a lot of girls I knew scouted out prom dresses at the mall, and then went home and made the dresses themselves with some help from the artsy kids who knew how to sew. And I didn’t go to a high school in a small town in the Midwest—I went to high school in the O.C. (yes, that O.C.).