How Whole Foods Market Changed Its Company Culture

This is a company with no driver at the wheel trying to pull itself out of a toilet by putting long-term full-time committed Team Members at the head of the snake before jamming it down the drain.

Urban Outfitters Makes Life Slightly Better For Hourly Employees, Slightly Worse for Salaried Ones

Good news if you’re an Urban Outfitters hourly employee in New York: the company is closing out its on-call scheduling policy and will be providing employees with scheduled working hours one week in advance. If you’re a salaried employee in Philadelphia? You get to spend your weekends volunteering at the fulfillment center.

National Labor Relations Board Rules Parent Companies Are Joint Employers of Franchise Workers

This ruling means that workers at a franchise location can unionize and negotiate with the parent company.

Uber’s Misclassifications and the Sharing Economy

Giving benefits to Uber drivers will not kill the sharing economy.

Job Of The Day: Fake Celebrity

Want to get the celebrity treatment? Here’s a job for you: go to rural China and let a real-estate developer present you as one of the famous models or actors who just happen to enjoy hanging around this brand-new property.

Job Of The Day: Professional Marathon Runner

These athletes live modest lives, running paycheck to paycheck like the rest of us, except their paychecks are both larger and farther apart—and they have to run 26 miles and beat 26,000 other people to get them.

Happy Equal Pay Day!

Today is Equal Pay Day, which—to quote the National Committee on Pay Equity—”symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year.”

Undercompensated in Academia

I grew up in an academic household, and academia was a goal of mine from an early age. Both my parents are musicians teaching in academia, and while I also loved to perform, I had decided in college that I would probably follow in my parents’ footsteps and pursue teaching on a university level.

Job Of The Day: Professional Shears Sharpener

It’s one of those “invisible” jobs that I had never really thought about before, but of course salons need people who know how to sharpen different types of professional-grade shears, and so we have professional shears sharpeners who get the job done.

Job Of The Day: Professional Selfie Retoucher

Do you know how to construct a perfect selfie? Can you make an image look vibrant, lively, FOMO- and envy-enducing, and—most of all—flattering? More importantly, can you take an average selfie that someone snapped off Instagram and retouch it to include all of those qualities while still hashtagging it #nofilter?

If so, you might be cut out for a freelance career in professional selfie retouching.