What I Learned About Money After Growing Up With A Parent Who’s An Addict

My father had a heroin problem. Although he didn’t mean to, he taught me a lot about personal finance in the process.

A Life Lesson from My Mother, a Freelance Financial Writer

It’s 6 p.m. on a Tuesday night and I’m having a meltdown. I’m in the seventh grade and sitting cross-legged on the floor of my mom’s home office. There are dozens of small stacks of white paper laid out across the floor with no discernible organizational method. She knows exactly where everything is, but only because it’s a giant game of “memory” she’s been playing for the last 15 days. It is April, the middle of tax season.

Lessons About Money From Our Twenties

My Life in Financial Advice

Age 5: Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.
Don’t think you’re hungry? Eat a candy bar just in case.

How to Live Forever

Here’s what I learned from this New York Times Magazine piece about how the residents of the island of Ikaria have lived well into their 90s and into their 100s:

The Things We Pick Up Along the Way

Our pals at LearnVest have a great story about how a young woman learned to advance her career, save a bunch of money, kick cancer, and have the wedding she and her husband wanted. It’s inspiring.

Things We Should Probably Know How to Do

They can do a lot of things that I should probably know how to do—not castrate cattle, but certainly change a flat tire or drive a stick stick shift. I have done both of those things, but only with another person’s help, and not masterfully. I’ll still stall the car while driving stick shift.

What I Learned About Money in My Twenties

Looking back on my twenties, I realized that I spent my money mainly because I wanted to feel richer than I actually was.