Is Marissa Mayer Setting A Good Example?

Announcing that you plan to treat the birth of your twins like a bad cold — two weeks in bed, some aspirin, and you’re back as though nothing happened — is not setting a good example for anyone.

Meet Professor Dumpster’s Spiritual Cousin, Mr. Bicycle

Mr. Bicycle travels; he works six months a year so that he can spend the rest of his time going lots of places. He spends as little as possible, preferring to sleep rough and graze for his food.

If You Think Google Is A Perfect Place To Work, I’ve Got A Virtual Bridge To Sell You

Forbes has published a list of Best Companies For Work-Life Balance, and I advise approaching it with the same facial expression — lifted eyebrows, quirk of the mouth — with which you perhaps have approached its previous lists, such as 2015’s Least Stressful Jobs.

Freelancers, Take the Vacation Too

I’m going on vacation from January 31-February 8 (the JoCo Cruise) and I’m estimating I’ll miss out on at least $1,000 in income unless I try to write a bunch of it in advance.

Take the Vacation

I have been lucky enough to work in jobs where I am given paid time off, but I usually don’t take it. The big chunk of free time hanging over my head makes me nervous, as if I’ll spend it incorrectly, or I won’t have the maximum amount of fun and relaxation that I should for something as exciting and generous as free time off.

Burning Out

I have a tendency to stay late at the office; I enjoy the quiet, the fact that there is less news going on, and that there are fewer distractions. “Go home,” people like to tell me. But I have things to do! I counter. This is the time I can get things done!. “Don’t want to see you burning out,” they say.

The Artist Survival Simulator Divides Life Between Work and Art